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Tukhum Global Pharma

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Tukhum Global Pharma has been founded in 2017 as pharmaceutical wholesaler to supply high-quality products in Mongolian market. As a dynamically developing company with experienced staffs, the Tukhum Global Pharma's core activities are in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices from leading manufacturers to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies in the territory. We look for partner from worldwide to extend our product list.

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We acknowledge excellence and reliability.
We believe that basis of continuous success is providing premium quality products to customers and share their happiness.
In order to extend our product portfolio, we constantly look for partners who wants to share their high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Mongolian market. We take care of registration processes and distribution of your products on your behalf. Benefit from our proven experience!

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  • Sky Plaza Business Center, Embassy Road, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia